Understanding the power of your story.

Think of the most creative and influential companies on the planet. 

What unites them? 

There are plenty of right answers to that question. Well-designed products. Astute marketplace assessment. Intelligent financial management. Good leadership structures and culture. 

But there is one more thing. They all tell good stories: about what they do, about why they do it, and about what they can do for you. 

Stories are fundamental to how we understand each other. They generate empathy, organise information, and access mental patterns that aid memory and trigger emotional responses.

As Donald Miller writes in Building A Story Brand: “Story formulas reveal a well-worn path in the human brain and if we want to stay in business, we need to follow that path.”

And just as stories are central to entertainment and culture, they are at the core of good business communication.

Successful organisations get two stories right: one about themselves, and one about their customers, audiences or supporters. 

The story of a company is about motivation and values. The story of their customer is about how that company solves problems and changes lives.

Each of these drives the other. The first plays a crucial internal function – attracting talent and creating a beacon for decision-making and strategy – and projects qualities that promote long-term attachment and advocacy. But the second story inspires action.

The story of how products are made becomes the story of how they are used. So Apple, for example, is not just a technology company obsessed with simple, premium design. It is the company that helps its users get that crucial project done, or enjoy their favourite music, or reach the most important people in their world.

Nike is a sportswear brand founded by athletes for athletes that emboldens people to unlock their potential. Lego is the family-founded toymaker whose simple, elegant innovation opens up new worlds through play. 

The same applies in sport, entertainment and experience. The cherished stories of teams or performers or events weave into the communities and shared memories that define the lives of fans.

When it comes to PR and communications, your story is not the only thing that matters. But whatever media coverage, exposure or audience growth you can accomplish is only worth as much as the message you can convey. 

In an era where there are more ways to reach more audiences than ever before, your story is still the best place to start.

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