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An A to Z of AI, Apple’s bite out of banking, the power of weird marketing, the athlete enterprise era and the business of Waystar Royco are all in this week’s Trippant Takeaways – our selection of stories on communications trends across sport, tech, entertainment and media.

The Time A to Z of artificial intelligence

Struggling to tell your chatbots from your multimodal systems? Or do you wake up in a cold sweat at the thought of mounting paperclips?

If discussions about AI make you feel like you’re hallucinating, this comprehensive primer from Time could come in handy.  

Fast Company on the grown-up appeal of Roblox 

With its friendly environment and stacks of games within games, Roblox has been one of the most popular digital spaces for children and young teens for several years. 

Now, as brands try to work out a notional metaverse strategy in one of the closest things to that concept that currently exists, it is attracting an altogether older crowd as well. 

Forbes on Apple’s big banking bet

Apple Pay has become a staple of online and physical retail environments everywhere, baked into the company’s laptops, smartphones and wearables. 

And there are plans in Cupertino to go further. Through a new partnership with Goldman Sachs Bank USA, it also aims to offer intuitive products for savers at attractive rates. With parts of the banking industry struggling reputationally, it is an intriguingly timed proposition. 

The Drum on making weird work

Strange ads have a funny effect on people. Audiences tend to love quirky spots and marketing campaigns. Yet as memorable as these can be, they sometimes fail to connect thoughts back to the brands that issue them. 

With Trainline and Shreddies releasing some esoteric new creative in the UK, The Drum has asked how agencies ensure their distinctive spots are not too distinct from what they are selling. 

Bloomberg on the financial pipeline for anti-oil protests

When a representative of the Just Stop Oil environmental action group climbed on to a table at the World Snooker Championships and coated the green baize in orange powder paint, he may have set the scene for a summer of protests at major sports events. 

With funding for such organisations coming from grant-makers like the Climate Emergency Fund, backed by wealthy philanthropists with Hollywood ties, the resources and ambition are there for many more eye-catching interventions. 

Sportico on ‘the end of the endorsement era’ 

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are in the film of the deal that created Nike’s Air Jordan. Current NBA superstar Stephen Curry has become president of his own Curry Brand at Under Armour. Remorseless goalscoring machine Erling Haaland has signed a ten-year boot deal with Nike. 

Athlete footwear and sportswear partnerships are in the news and according to Jeron Smith – who co-founded Heir, a startup that builds athlete-centred media and tech brands, with Michael Jordan’s son Jeffrey – they are also in a new reality. He says that sponsors working with elite sportspeople must adjust to ‘the age of the athlete as an enterprise’. 

The FT on the value of Logan Roy’s empire

Fans of HBO’s Succession will know – with every attempt being made here to avoid spoilers – that the fictional Waystar Royco media and leisure giant is deep in mega-billion merger talks with the thrusting Swedish tech company GoJo. 

But what exactly does Waystar Royco do? What works, what doesn’t, and who owns it? The FT has done its best to run the numbers. 

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