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Happy new year from Trippant… The Takeaways return with a rich assortment of 2023 previews in sports, tech, business and culture, reflections on footballing icons and questions about how India’s latest venture can shape the future of women’s cricket.  

Campaign Asia rounds up the 2023 previews 

Chances are your media week has been saturated with predictions and trend forecasts for the year ahead.  

There’s a lot out there but Campaign Asia has made a brave and helpful bid to get all the marcomms prognosticating in one place.  

luke chesser JKUTrJ4vK00 unsplash edited scaled
2023 Trends and Predictions. Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash.

Digiday on the advertising space in 2023 

From Apple building ad tech to challenges for esports and changing fortunes for crypto companies, Digiday has an at-a-glance look at the updated picture in advertising.  

The Economist on the 2023 lexicon 

Want to stay in the conversation (or at least nod along more convincingly) in the next few months?  

The Economist has you covered with all the key 2023 buzzwords, from passkeys to frozen conflicts, productivity paranoia, YIMBYs and, er, TWaT cities. 

The Verge on the Consumer Electronics Show 

In Las Vegas, a new year means new tech at the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES.  

The world’s biggest showcase for innovation brings a glimpse at futures near, far, and never likely to happen – and with so much to stay on top of, The Verge’s rolling blog is a useful resource.  

SportsPro on the people and the questions to consider this year 

After some comprehensive reflections on 2022, the SportsPro team have returned from their festive break to set the scene for what’s to come.  

Their annual list of ten sports industry influencers tees up stories from women’s football to golf’s ongoing schism, tech-led media strategies and beyond. They also, very neatly, have 23 sports business questions to ask about 2023.    

jeffrey f lin oc8m9Cj8dsc unsplash edited scaled
Women’s Football. Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash.

Puck on Netflix’s subtle sports entry 

January, of course, is a time for renewed forays into the world of exercise and Netflix users now have another outlet for their resolution-charged efforts.  

The streaming giant has slipped Nike fitness videos on to its platform in recent weeks, tiptoeing into a space occupied by Apple and Google’s Fitbit in its latest attempts to build engagement. Does it say anything about the future of its sport and content strategy? 

The Financial Times on crypto’s sports sponsorship aftershock 

This time in 2022, sport could hardly move for cryptocurrency and blockchain-backed companies signing big-money deals that created a whole new sponsorship category.  

Now, after months of collapsing coin values and a generational scandal at FTX, discussion has shifted to whether a retreating crypto sector will retain a role in sports partnerships, and what commercial departments should learn from the whole episode.  

kanchanara rfUl0Lfyays unsplash edited scaled
Cryptocurrency. Photo by Kanchanara on Unsplash.

The FT on the Women’s IPL opportunity  

The continued growth of women’s sport is bound to be a major theme again in 2023 – not least with a Fifa Women’s World Cup in the summer – and the most significant story could be coming out of India.  

A long-awaited Women’s Indian Premier League is expected to turbo-charge the commercial and cultural development of women’s cricket and, with bids now invited for teams and media packages, the FT has taken a deep dive into its potential influence.  

Wired on the changing social media conversation 

There’s a lot of noise right now, inevitably, about affairs at Twitter under new owner Elon Musk. But the signal can be detected elsewhere.  

With many younger users in search of a more authentic experience, and a wider appetite for more private communication, the whole social media sector could be changing.  

william krause tmrmcEURULg unsplash edited scaled
Social Media. Photo by William Krause on Unsplash.

The Guardian on Pelé 

In a month consumed by Lionel Messi’s World Cup win and Cristiano Ronaldo’s controversial, mega-money move to Saudi Arabia, football has been saying a poignant goodbye to its first true global icon.  

Among many moving tributes to the incomparable Pelé, Richard Williams captures how he helped the game burst into living colour.  

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