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Sky News on the future of World Cup viewership 

In the broadcast and digital media sector, events like the Fifa World Cup are invariably markers for how consumption is evolving. Qatar 2022 will be no different – analysts will be poring over the early returns now and adapting their future strategies to fit.  

But the technology that will influence the experience of tournaments to come is already here. Peter Moore, the hugely experienced former EA Sports and Liverpool executive who is now with the gigantic software engine builder Unity, explains how augmented reality and virtual camera technologies are going to change how people watch the World Cup very soon – perhaps even by 2026.    

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Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash

The Drum on brands lining up for England v France 

Sooner than that, the UK’s leading commercial broadcaster is gearing up for an advertising bonanza that might have been found on a spreadsheet saved under ‘best case scenario’.  

England play world champions France in a World Cup knockout game two Saturday nights before Christmas and it will be exclusively live on ITV. With advertising slots selling for up to £400,000 apiece, The Drum examines some late tactical adjustments.  

Reuters on another sports strategy update at Netflix 

As appealing as windfalls like that might seem, Netflix is still not sold on the idea of buying live media rights – or “renting big sports”, as co-CEO Ted Sarandos puts it.  

The streaming giant is “not anti-sports” but it is “pro-profit”. There will be plenty of intrigue as to what that really means.  

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Photo by Venti Views on Unsplash

Marketing Week reveals its best campaigns of 2022 

It really is that time of year again: the end of it.  

The retrospectives and round-ups are beginning in earnest and Marketing Week has piled in with its selection of the best promotional work of the last (almost) 12 months. It’s an eclectic mix of excellence, with subjects including Uefa Women’s Euro 2022 to Netflix’s Stranger Things cartoons, a McDonalds app, female wellness and much more besides.  

Deloitte flashes forward to 2023 

A few organisations are already looking ahead to next year and laying out paths through the known unknowables to come.  

Deloitte has gone big with its TMT Predictions 2023, with dives into everything from live sport to the climate, enterprise tech, and mergers and acquisitions in gaming.  

Politico on the EU’s misadventures in the metaverse 

If the European Commission’s foreign aid department throws a party in the metaverse and barely anyone shows up, did it really happen? Well, yes. But was it worth it? Well… 

The New York Times discusses ChatGPT 

The explosive growth of artificial intelligence tools is sure to be a major theme of 2023 and after it picked up over a million users inside a week, everyone is talking about – or talking to – ChatGPT.  

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Photo by DeepMind on Unsplash

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