The rise of the Billion-Dollar Zombies to Sporting History.

In this week’s Trippant Takeaways we explore: The rise of the Billion-Dollar Zombies, Disney+Hulu, The Symbol of a Legend, Amazon and Anthropic AI, Microsoft’s Windows Surface, Sporting History. Enjoy! 


Forbes on the Rise of the Billion-Dollar Zombies

The cryptocurrency market continues its wild ride, leaving many investors wondering what the future holds. Forbes explores the phenomenon of “billion-dollar zombies,” once high-flying crypto companies that have seen their valuations plummet but still manage to stay afloat. 


The Ultimate Entertainment Power Couple

Verge unveils the dynamic duo of Disney+ and Hulu as they join forces to redefine the entertainment landscape.A collaboration which represents a significant step forward in enhancing the user experience within the realm of streaming entertainment.


Prince’s Iconic Symbol

In a recent feature on The Drum, the enigmatic symbol synonymous with Prince’s identity takes centre stage as the designer responsible for its creation shares insights into collaborating with the iconic musician.


Amazon and Anthropic Join Forces in AI

Amazon’s venture into Anthropic AI, marking a significant advancement in the field of artificial intelligence.The article from The New York Times navigates through the complexities of Anthropic AI, a branch of AI research focused on developing systems with human-like cognitive abilities. 


Microsoft’s Windows Surface: Unveiling the Vision with Pavan Davuluri

In a recent article on The Verge, the spotlight turns to Microsoft’s Windows Surface as Pavan Davuluri, the brains behind the project. Davuluri shares insights into the development process and the guiding principles behind the Windows Surface ecosystem. His emphasis on user-centric features and cutting-edge technologies highlights Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing productivity and creativity for users across various domains. 


The Guardian on A Reflection of the 20th Century

Step into a time machine disguised as an Olympics exhibition in Paris, where sports intertwine with the tapestry of human history. From the upheavals of wars to athletes as bold political voices, and the ongoing fight for gender and racial equality, this exhibit packs a punch, using artefacts, videos, and multimedia to portray the drama of the 20th-century Olympics vividly. 


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