Super Bowl LVIII to Robyn Duda joins the Story Board.

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This week: sport and entertainment collide at Super Bowl LVIII, US media seeks a sports streaming solution, Robyn Duda talks professional events and racquet sports, we tap into the power of business storytelling, and much more. 

The Super Bowl lands in Las Vegas

With its mid-game concert, its starry ad breaks, and its easily appreciable stakes, the Super Bowl has long been the ultimate crossover event in sports and entertainment. 

This year promises to be no different, as Las Vegas hosts Super Bowl LVIII between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. We still don’t know if this will be Taylor’s version – the pop icon will need to be exceptionally Swift to get from a Saturday night gig in Tokyo and watch boyfriend Travis Kelce in action. But as coverage of their romance seeps into all areas of US media discourse, host broadcaster CBS is hoping for a spectacular audience even by Super Bowl standards.

The game is all about big numbers, with the US Chamber of Commerce projecting record consumer spending alongside those high audience figures. And its capacity to deliver points of convergence is still growing. In a serendipitous twist for this couple-focused edition, Uber Eats has managed to cram Posh and Becks and Ross and Rachel into its commercial.

Meanwhile, Apple Music is getting everything lined up to drive audiences from its Usher-starring Halftime Show to its streaming platform. As well as a trailer featuring the unlikely duo of Ludacris and Tim Cook, it has created team playlists and exclusive content.

Las Vegas, of course, is an on-brand setting for all this celebrity-driven activation, but staging the Super Bowl also confirms Sin City as a real centre for major league US sport.

At that prodigious scale, what’s next for the big show? It may seem sacrilegious to American fans to imagine the whole shebang disappearing behind a paywall, but someone will be thinking about it – and The Athletic has asked what would need to happen to make that a reality

The Recap

The New York Times on a big splash in US sports streaming

The other big US sports media story of the week: Disney, Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery want to create a new bundled streaming platform with enormous potential ramifications. 

Unofficial Partner: If Netflix Ran Sport

Netflix’s recent WWE deal triggered excited speculation about its future ambitions in live sport but what can we really expect? Its former vice president of content acquisition Erin Ruane gave the Unofficial Partner podcast a look inside the company’s thinking.

Variety on the launch of Freely

The UK’s major free-to-air broadcasters – the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 – have confirmed they will launch their joint streaming platform, Freely, in Q2 of this year.  

YouTube drops its big bets for 2024

Google’s YouTube wants to put the creator economy at the centre of its vision for the year ahead, and is making a push for the living room, according to CEO Neil Mohan.

Vox on the self-promotion grind

For many artists, writers and creators, building a strong social media presence has become a full-time job in itself – even if the process often feels self-defeating.

Fast Company on Rick Rubin’s internet

Music mega-producer Rick Rubin – and author of last year’s bestselling The Creative Act – is collaborating with website publisher Squarespace to help users unlock more striking designs.

From Trippant

Robyn Duda joins The Story Board

Event strategist and experience designer Robyn Duda guests on the latest podcast from The Story Board, telling Trippant’s Eoin Connolly what she has learned about managing people, problems and expectations across two decades of working with the likes of IBM, Spotify and Coca-Cola.

She also talks about her latest venture as the founder of RacquetX, a new conference and trade show for the racquet sports industry which debuts in Miami next month.

The power of understanding your story

Your story matters – and so does your customer’s story. 

In the first of a new series from Trippant, we explore the value of storytelling in business communication and why it must be the source of any good strategy.

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