Our thought leadership, content, and communication experts are leaders in their field. We combine creativity and innovation with a firm grasp of global industry trends to deliver solutions that further clients’ ability to drive change and bring audiences to the heart of their businesses and brands. Our team know what matters right now and are perfectly positioned to help clients own their space and become thought leaders in their own right.

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We enabled businesses like Weplay and Hilton to become voices of authority, elevating their ability to tell the stories which resonate most with their audiences.  

Our services include:

“Trippant helped the SponServe team garner international exposure, elevating our brand globally before the acquisition by KORE.

“They are a team with their finger on the pulse of the most important trends in sports & tech today and the media black book to help our stories breakthrough. They were an invaluable asset in helping us grow, providing strategic advisory and practical solutions.

“Trippant worked autonomously and fit perfectly into our team, helping us to build a solid reputation and connections across the industry worldwide.”

Mark Thompson

Former CEO, Sponserve & Head of International, KORE Software

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