Setting the terms for your vision.

In the modern media ecosystem, with all its abundant channels, you could more or less insert your business into any conversation. 

But that doesn’t mean you should. In fact, it’s a surefire way to appear less relevant and less authentic.

Communication is about discipline. A mature communications strategy will outline what your company will say, to whom, at a given time, and for what purpose. It will identify the right spokespeople and the right platforms; who will speak on your behalf and where. Before you reach that point, however, you need to have a strong sense of your identity and vision.

What kind of business are you operating? What demand is it meeting, and what challenges is it solving? Who is it doing that for, and how? And how big an impact can it make?

With a firm grasp of these ideas, you can express important qualities through the information you share about your organisation. For example: a gourmet restaurant might emphasise its ability to surprise and delight, or glory in its indulgences. An independent café can lean into its quirks and individual choices. 

McDonald’s cannot really do either of those things. Its meals are meant to be fast, reliable, affordable and satisfying. It is a food logistics specialist with a system replicated at outlets around the world. So when it talks about quality and safety, it binds that up in information about its processes, where it sources its food, or how it selects franchises and trains staff.

Communication in sport and entertainment must be just as clear-eyed. A luxury experience is sold on what makes it premium and exclusive; family events on accessibility and a sense of fun. A company providing a specialist service to other businesses will naturally have a narrower focus than a media group catering to millions. 

As a company grows, its messaging challenges become more complex. Yet if it can keep its mission in plain sight, its audience will see things just as clearly.

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