Peloton’s Rollercoaster Ride to The Rise of Adidas Sambas.

This week: Prime Sales Plummet; Spotify’s Spending Spree; Peloton’s Rollercoaster Ride; Tech Giants Under Fire; Dude Perfect’s Perfect Pitch; Quintar and Centre Court Capital Tee Up; The Rise of Adidas Sambas. Enjoy! 


Fizz Goes Flat

Sales of Prime soft drinks have taken a nosedive, plummeting by 50% according to NIQ data. Tesco’s decision to offer bottles for a mere 31p has left the market fizzing with questions. Read more about the surprising drop in demand here.


Spotify’s Spending Spree

As Spotify hosts extravagant events, concerns mount over its spending spree amidst significant layoffs. Are these lavish gatherings hitting a sour note? Get the scoop here.


Peloton’s Rollercoaster Ride

Peloton seems to be hitting a speed bump. With gyms reopening and people returning to in-person workouts, Peloton’s stock price has taken a tumble. Layoffs have become a grim reality, and the company is scrambling to adapt. Read more here.


Data Dilemma

Tech giants are under fire for their data-harvesting practices fueling artificial intelligence systems. Are they crossing ethical boundaries in the name of innovation? Deep dive into the article here.


Dude Perfect’s Perfect Pitch

YouTube sensations Dude Perfect secured a whopping $100 million investment for their Texas HQ. This is a major win for the channel, and fans are eagerly anticipating what exciting projects lie ahead. Read more here


Teeing Up the Future

Augmented reality (AR) is making a play for the sports world, and Quintar is at the forefront. This innovative company just secured $8.2 million in funding to develop their AR platform. Quintar aims to leverage new AR devices like Apple Vision Pro to create an immersive viewing experience. Swing into the details here.


Samba Sensation

This iconic trainer, originally designed for football, has transcended sports to become a fashion mainstay. From diehard football fans to A-list celebrities and the UK Prim Minister, Rishi Sunak. Explore its journey here


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