Our Top 5 Game-Changing Start-ups So Far in 2023.

At Trippant, we’re always on the lookout for innovative start-ups that are making a difference in their industries. We’ve rounded up the top five game-changing start-ups that are shaking up their respective industries and transforming the way we live, work, and play. From a sports streaming platform that’s disrupting the industry to a real estate start-up that’s designing sustainable and walkable communities, these start-ups have caught our eye.


Action Audio is a start-up that’s making live sport accessible to low vision audiences worldwide. With almost 300 million people restricted from enjoying live sport due to blindness or low vision, Action Audio uses spatial data to create 3D sound experiences that provide real-time information-rich commentary. This technology is a game-changer for visually impaired individuals who want to follow the action as it unfolds, and it’s transforming the way we think about accessibility in sports. With Action Audio, everyone can enjoy the thrill of live sports, regardless of their visual ability.


Culdesac is a real estate startup with a difference. They design, build, and manage walkable communities that prioritise community, mobility, and open spaces. Their neighbourhoods feature residential units at various price points, integrated with local retail, commercial uses, and nature-filled public plazas. Culdesac prioritises biking, walking, and transit over cars and parking. They collaborate with leading mobility companies to provide affordable and convenient transportation services. This creates a vibrant urban lifestyle without the need for a private vehicle. With Culdesac, you can enjoy a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing the conveniences of city living.


Buzzer is a sports streaming startup that allows fans to watch live sports and highlights, providing a seamless viewing experience across multiple platforms. Fans can subscribe to their favourite team or league and receive personalised notifications about their games. With a simple, user-friendly interface and no long-term contracts, Buzzer is disrupting the sports streaming industry and making it easier than ever for fans to stay connected with their favourite teams.


Fantium is an innovative sports platform that allows fans to engage with their favourite teams and players in a whole new way. Through their app, fans can create and manage their fantasy sports leagues, participate in daily challenges and predictions, and earn rewards for their knowledge and engagement. With a focus on community and engagement, Fantium is changing the way fans experience and interact with sports. It’s the ultimate platform for sports enthusiasts who want to take their fandom to the next level.


Collectible Coffee is a unique start-up that combines art and coffee in a limited-edition experience. They collaborate with emerging artists to create 3D animated models of their coffee bags, which are minted as NFTs and sold online. With the proceeds, they create physical coffee bags and sell 100–500 limited edition bags featuring the artist’s design. Each bag is a collectible masterpiece, and once they sell out, they are gone forever. What’s even better is that the artists receive a cut of both the NFT sale and coffee sales, supporting their creative endeavours.

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