Our 7 Favourite Creative Agencies in 2023.

The world of branding and advertising is continuing to evolve at lightning speed, creating a space in which innovation and creative can thrive. We’re pulled together our favourite seven creative agencies that are setting the standard for excellence in the industry, from Buenos Aires to Berlin, and all the way in-between.

These agencies have a real talent for merging branding and art to create immersive experiences, captivating stories, and amazing campaigns that showcase their client’s brands in the best possible light.

Creative agencies are organisations that specialise in delivering innovative and compelling solutions to clients’ marketing needs. 

In this blog, we’ll explore seven creative agencies, including Accept & Proceed, Buck, Born Ugly, NotReal, Wedge, The Clearing, and Unseen, and highlight their unique approach.

Accept & Proceed

Founded in 2006, Accept & Proceed is a London-based agency that focuses on creating brand identities, digital experiences, and immersive installations. Their portfolio includes collaborations with major brands such as Nike, Red Bull, and Google. The agency’s approach is centred on the concept of “radical simplicity,” which emphasises stripping away complexity to deliver powerful, clear messaging.

Source: https://www.acceptandproceed.com/work


Buck is a creative agency with offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Sydney. They specialise in animation and design, producing content for a variety of platforms, including TV, film, and digital. Their clients include big names like Apple, Facebook, and Google. Buck’s work is known for its colourful, playful, and often surreal visuals.

image 1
Source: https://buck.co/work

Born Ugly

Born Ugly is an independent agency based in Berlin, specialising in creating content for social media platforms. Their focus is on producing eye-catching, viral content that resonates with young, digitally-savvy audiences. Born Ugly’s work is characterised by its use of humour, subversion, and irreverence.

image 2
Source: https://www.born-ugly.com/


NotReal is a Buenos Aires-based studio that specialises in 3D animation and visual effects. They work with a range of clients, from small start-ups to major brands like Adidas, Sony, and Samsung. Their work is characterised by its hyper-realistic imagery and innovative use of technology.

image 3
Source: https://notreal.tv/


Wedge is a Toronto-based agency that specialises in creating content for emerging platforms such as virtual and augmented reality. Their clients include major brands like Ford, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola. Wedge’s work is known for its immersive, interactive experiences that blur the line between physical and digital spaces.

image 4
Source: https://www.wedge.work/

The Clearing

The Clearing is a London-based agency that focuses on brand strategy and design. They work with a range of clients, from non-profits to major corporations such as Coca-Cola and PwC. The agency’s approach is centred on the concept of “the simple truth,” which emphasises creating clear, authentic messaging that connects with audiences.

image 5
Source: https://theclearing.co.uk/about/


Unseen is a creative agency based in Amsterdam that specialises in experiential marketing. They create immersive, interactive installations for a range of clients, including Heineken, Adidas, and the Museum of Modern Art. Unseen’s work is characterised by its innovative use of technology, including VR and AR.

image 6
Source: https://unseen.co/

That’s it from us, check out the websites and enjoy!

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