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This week: Apple accused of iPhone monopoly, Nike snatches historic kit deal from Adidas, English football regulator debate takes shape, Fast Company champions SailGP, Gen Z goes gaga for dedicated digital cameras, Trippant’s Tom Scott talks at ISC, and more. 


Apple core exposed by US antitrust suit

Another week, another battle between the American authorities and a global tech giant. 

This time, Apple has been accused by the US Department of Justice of operating an illegal monopoly in the smartphone market through the iPhone, the iOS App Store and its wider product ecosystem. 

The DOJ has been joined by 16 state attorneys general in an antitrust lawsuit that aims to stop the company ‘selectively’ applying contractual terms to other developers and restricting access to its platforms. Apple’s practices, the suit says, are improperly driving up costs for ‘consumers, developers, content creators, artists, publishers, small businesses, and merchants’, while also hampering the user experience.

It is a move that carries ironic echoes of the 1990s DOJ move against Microsoft, which loosened Windows’ stronghold over the computer software marketplace and left the door ajar for a resurgent Apple a few years later. If it succeeds – and Apple aims to ensure that it does not – it could have sweeping commercial implications at a time where consumers are finding themselves hemmed into binary choices on products like digital assistants and smartwatches.

Still, though a lot of Apple customers still adore the company’s culture and the convenience of its closed-loop offering, many iPhone and Android users would welcome fresh ideas and competition. Meanwhile, changing parameters in Apple’s core business could lead it to lean into, or reassess, its nascent but expensive activities in sport and entertainment. 


The Recap

The FT on German football’s shock Nike switch

Adidas and Germany’s national football teams share a post-war story of innovation, community and continued success. So the news that the DFB has ended that 77-year association to sign with Nike has stunned fans and sports marketing experts alike. 

Is this the ultimate sign of the US giant’s total sportswear victory? Or a chance for Adidas’ leaders in Herzogenrauch to redraw their strategy and reset the narrative? 


The BBC on English football’s new regulator

This week, the UK government introduced new legislation that – if passed – would lead to the creation of an official regulator for professional football. 

The body would have a remit to ensure fan participation in the governance of the game and an equitable financial settlement between the Premier League and lower tiers. But the project continues to expose serious differences of perspective across the football community. 


The Times on Lewis Hamilton’s criticism of F1’s gender politics

Between the Christian Horner saga at Red Bull and Susie Wolff’s lawsuit against the FIA, Formula 1 does not look like a great space for women to work in just now. 

The championship’s most successful driver, Lewis Hamilton, believes recent events should serve as a wake-up call for what remains a male-dominated sport. 


Wired talks to Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang

Chipmaker Nvidia is currently one of the world’s most successful companies, with its earnings and its share price surging month after month as tech players buy up its products to power complex AI systems.

And its chief executive, Jensen Huang, sees that as only the start for a business that could become the decade’s defining force. 


SailGP joins Fast Company’s most innovative

Fast Company has released its list of the world’s most innovative businesses in 2024, with the National Women’s Soccer League taking a place in the top ten alongside the likes of Nvidia and Ozempic manufacturer Novo Nordisk. 

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the sports category, new Trippant client SailGP has been celebrated for its creative sustainability policies, groundbreaking production approach and transformative proprietary tech. 


DeepMind unveils AI football tool

In its early days, Google’s DeepMind jumpstarted the progress of AI by building systems that trained themselves to beat human players in complex games like Go. 

Now it is again demonstrating how sport and games can provide context for AI’s capabilities with TacticAI, a deep-learning coaching tool developed in partnership with Premier League football team Liverpool.


The Drum on a post-social media public square

Social media is not what it was. In fact, for VCCP head of social and content strategy Nick Lewis, these once vibrant platforms have now been left to the ‘preachers, drunks and mad dogs’ of online discourse. 

So should communications strategies be geared towards the more intimate spaces that many ordinary users now prefer? Or is it still possible to build a ‘public square’ that looks like that of social media’s heyday?


Fast Company on Gen Z’s digital nostalgia

Smartphone cameras have never been more powerful, with even mid-range devices offering better performance and flexibility than most amateur photographers will ever need. 

Yet more and more Gen Z consumers are being drawn to dedicated compact point-and-shoot cameras, including models that were discontinued several years ago. It is a trend that combines an emerging taste for a mid-00s aesthetic with a re-evaluation of less connected, more specialised technology. 


From Trippant

Tom Scott joins the discussion at ISC

London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was the setting for the International Sports Convention 2024, featuring two days of networking, conversation and on-stage content that covered everything from broadcasting to integrity and safeguarding to technology. 

And Trippant CEO Tom Scott took the stage on day two for a panel on commercial and marketing innovation, talking up the importance of powerful storytelling and audience-tailored messaging in a multi-channel global media ecosystem.  

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