NFL vs. $21 Billion to USA’s Historic Cricket Triumph.

In this week’s Trippant Takeaways, we explore: NFL vs. $21 Billion; Prize Money for Paris Olympians; Ticketmaster’s Cyber Nightmare; Summer Game Fest 2024; Who Runs the World?; USA’s Historic Cricket Triumph; ByteDance’s Billion-Dollar AI Bet in Malaysia and more! 


NFL vs. $21 Billion: A High-Stakes Antitrust Showdown

The NFL’s media rights are in the spotlight as a $21 billion antitrust battle heats up. This could reshape how we watch football, Who will come out on top? Dive into the details here.


Show Us Your Game Plan

As elections loom, UK sports execs are calling on political parties to lay out their vision for the future of sport. It’s a pivotal moment for the industry, and everyone’s watching. Find out more here.


Prize Money for Paris Olympians

In a surprising turn of events, a discredited boxing organisation has vowed to award prize money to Olympians at the upcoming Paris Games. Read the full story here.


Ticketmaster’s Cyber Nightmare

Ticketmaster has been hit by a cyberattack, hackers have obtained customer data  and are offering to sell it on the dark web. This cyber attack could have far-reaching consequences for the ticketing giant. Get the scoop here.


Summer Game Fest 2024: Your Ultimate Preview

Summer Game Fest 2024 is here with exciting announcements and sneak peeks. Whether you’re into blockbuster titles or indie gems, this is your one-stop shop for gaming goodness. Catch up on all the highlights here.


Who Runs the World? Queens Bey & Tay

In a landmark achievement, music royalty Beyoncé and Taylor Swift have amassed a combined net worth of $2 billion. These queens are redefining what it means to run the world, one hit song at a time. Check out their financial feats here.


USA’s Historic Cricket Triumph

The USA cricket team has pulled off a thrilling super over win against the mighty Pakistan. This historic win is making waves in the cricketing world and putting USA cricket on the map. Read more


ByteDance’s Billion-Dollar AI Bet in Malaysia

Tech giant ByteDance is doubling down on artificial intelligence with a massive $21 billion investment planned for Malaysia. This AI powerplay could reshape the global tech landscape. Get the full breakdown here.


Netflix Sued Over ‘Defamatory’ Baby Reindeer Character

Netflix finds itself in legal hot water over a baby reindeer character featured in one of its shows. Dive into the details here.


Olympic Controversy: Toyota’s Withdrawal and the Impact on the Games

Toyota has decided to pump the brakes on its Olympic sponsorship causing ripples across the event’s preparations. What does this mean for the games and future sponsorships? Uncover the story here.


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