GeeGee, the world’s first MicroSports™ platform selects Trippant.

November 17th

The world’s first platform for MicroSports, GeeGee, partners with Trippant to bring its pioneering new app to market.

GeeGee, the innovative sports-tech startup has teamed up with international communications consultancy, Trippant, to ramp up its B2B and B2C communications ahead of the launch of its innovative new app.

GeeGee, a play on the gaming term “gg” which stands for Good Game, was founded in 2020 by Jimmy Farquhar, a sports fanatic who grew up in New Zealand. Jimmy is a huge believer in the power and benefit of playing sports. Having seen participation in organised sport reportedly decline over the years and the significant rise in short form sports content being consumed, Farquhar saw an opportunity to inspire kids and teenagers to participate in sport with minimal barriers to entry.

GeeGee takes inspiration from communities around the world, and is working to redefine what it means to participate in sport whether for fun or competitively. The team is building a digital platform for people to create and play MicroSports™. These are sports-inspired mini-games involving physical activity, and skill which can be filmed, shared and played on the GeeGee app.

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GeeGee’s new app, beta-version coming soon.

“GeeGee combines all the best bits of sport, gaming and social media to inspire people to get off the couch and get moving.” Said founder Jimmy Farquhar. “We’ve been in development and testing for two years and are now excited to take GeeGee to the next level and with the help of Trippant we believe we can inspire millions of people to enjoy the app. Trippant’s specialism in the sports-tech space, and experience with growing early stage start-ups makes them the perfect partner for us.”

“GeeGee is a sports-tech startup aiming to create a space for younger audiences to get active through mini-games within a digital arena. Their platform has the potential to re-engage a generation which traditional sports continues to find hard to connect with, and bring together a new community of sports-fans.” Said Trippant founder, Tom Scott. “We’re excited to help guide GeeGee’s vision, and assist in their transformation from an early-stage startup to an industry leader,”.

With teams based in London, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, and Paris, Trippant’s global footprint offers clients a dedicated support from senior-level communications professionals, who have extensive experience working with sports, technology and lifestyle brands.

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