Ipswich Town Signs Kieran McKenna to Cheese-Chasing Triumph.

In this week’s Trippant Takeaways, we explore: Amazon’s AI-Powered Fire TV; Netflix and Minecraft Team Up; Ipswich Town Signs Kieran McKenna; People bet on sports; Cheese-Chasing Triumph; From the Streets to the Olympics. Enjoy! 


Alexa Takes the Remote 

Alexa’s getting an upgrade and she’s coming for your remote! Amazon is shaking things up with their Fire TV by integrating Alexa-powered search. Just shout out your favourite show and let Alexa do the heavy lifting. 


Netflix and Minecraft Team Up for Animated Series

Calling all Minecrafters! Netflix is teaming up with Mojang Studios (creators of Minecraft) to bring your favourite pixellated world to life.


Ipswich Town Signs Kieran McKenna

Ipswich Town has secured Kieran McKenna with a new contract, despite reported interest from giants like Manchester United, Chelsea, and Brighton.


Should We Be Betting on Everything?

Ever wondered why we can bet on sports but not, say, the weather? Vox article explores the world of prediction markets and ponders if we should be placing bets on everything from elections to movie releases. Is this the future of gambling, or a recipe for disaster? Dive in and decide for yourself!


Cheese-Chasing Triumph

The cheese rolling competition is a well-known tradition in Gloucestershire, England. Participants line up at the top of a steep hill and chase a large wheel of cheese down the hill. This year, Abby Lampe became the unexpected champion. After chasing the cheese down a steep hill, she fainted – only to wake up with the cheese in her lap and the victory secured!


From Vancouver to Olympic Glory

Phil Wizard, a top B-boy (they prefer that over breakdancing!), is representing Canada at the Olympics. The article explores breaking’s history, from its Bronx roots to its rise and fall in popularity. Now, it’s back on the biggest stage. This might be breaking’s only shot at fame, as the 2028 games won’t feature it


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