The Ever-Evolving Landscape of Sports Media.

In the second episode of Trippant’s podcast series, “The Story Board,” Eoin Connolly, Trippant’s head of content, delves into the ever-evolving landscape of sports media with a seasoned industry expert, Peter Hutton.

Peter Hutton, a globetrotter in the world of sports media, imparts invaluable insights gained from a dynamic career that spans journalism, production, executive roles, and CEO positions at prestigious organizations such as the BBC, IMG, Eurosport, and Meta. He has covered pivotal moments like the Hillsborough Disaster, brought to light compelling football narratives from the farthest reaches of the globe, and steered Olympic broadcasting initiatives.

In this engaging conversation, Peter not only reflects on the significant changes he has witnessed but also provides a glimpse into his current roles as an adviser and board member for influential entities like Greenfly, the Saudi Pro League, and the Professional Triathletes Organisation. Moreover, he offers his vision of the future of sports content and identifies the key trends that are set to shape the preferences of both audiences and storytellers.

If you’re eager to gain a profound understanding of the shifts and innovations occurring in sports media, this episode is a must-listen. Join Eoin Connolly and Peter Hutton as they navigate through a generation of transformative changes in the industry, shedding light on its past, present, and future.

Listen to the episode here.

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