A Look into Sports Storytelling.

The debut episode of Trippant’s new podcast, “The Story Board,” offers a comprehensive insight into the convergence of sports and storytelling.

Eoin Connolly, Trippant’s head of content, engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Richard Ayers, the founder of “Rematch – The Sporting Time Machine.” Ayers and his team have specialized in reimagining iconic sports moments, and this episode specifically focuses on their recent project: the 1974 world heavyweight title fight in Zaire between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali.

In their conversation, Connolly and Ayers discuss the intricacies of transforming this celebrated boxing match into a theatrical experience. They touch upon the challenges faced, the decisions made regarding portrayal, and the reasons behind choosing this particular event from the annals of sports history.

Listeners can expect a clear, in-depth discussion on the value of merging sports with storytelling, the creative processes involved, and a sneak peek into the workings of “Rematch.”

If you’re keen on understanding the interplay between iconic sporting events and their contemporary recreations, this episode is a must-listen. Join Connolly and Ayers as they unpack the journey of bringing a monumental boxing match from the past into the present narrative.

Listen here.

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