Robyn Duda on Crafting Unforgettable Experiences.

“You can have a million sponsors and if no one thinks it’s worth their time going, you don’t last very long in this space.”

What makes for a great professional event?

And how can promoters, sponsors, speakers and delegates get the most out of the experience?

Event strategist Robyn Duda joins The Story Board podcast to tell Trippant head of content Eoin Connolly about her two-decade career building events for brands like Coca-Cola, Spotify, Visa, and IBM – including her lessons in managing people and solving problems in each project, and the evolution of in-person and virtual experiences.

She also discusses her latest venture: RacquetX, a conference and exhibition she has founded for the racquet sports industry, which debuts in Miami from 24th to 26th March. She talks about why she has entered the space and what challenges tennis, pickleball and padel face in 2024.

You can listen to the episode here.

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