Inside the Struggles of Tennis’s Underdogs to Tour de France 2024.

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In this week’s Trippant Takeaways, we explore: The Influencer Pay Gap; Hannah Mills and SailGP Bring High-Speed Sailing Thrills to New York Harbor; EU Commits €650 Billion to Fast-Track Cities to Net Zero by 2030; Uber’s $1,000 Challenge, and much more! 


Darker Skin, Lower Pay: The Influencer Pay Gap 

A report reveals significant pay disparities among social media influencers, with those of darker skin tones earning substantially less than their lighter-skinned counterparts.
Full story: The Guardian – Raphael Boyd


Tour de France 2024: Epic Journey from Florence to Nice Awaits Cyclists

The 111th Tour de France kicks off on June 29 in Florence, Italy, spanning 3,492km over 21 stages before concluding in Nice on July 21. This year’s race features seven mountain stages and two individual time trials, with a dramatic time trial finale reminiscent of the 1989 Tour. Stage-by-stage guide: BBC Sport 


Inside the Struggles of Tennis’s Underdogs

An exploration into the financial and emotional challenges faced by low-ranking tennis players striving to make a living on the professional circuit. Read more: The Guardian – Conor Niland


Hannah Mills and SailGP Bring High-Speed Sailing Thrills to New York Harbor

SailGP returned to New York Harbor with its lightning-fast F50 catamarans, marking a thrilling spectacle in lower Manhattan. Olympic medalist Hannah Mills and other top sailors raced in the 12th event of the season, showcasing the sport’s unique blend of speed, skill, and strategy. Catch the highlights: Vogue – Corey Seymour 


FIFA Seeks Up to $2 Billion for Streaming Service Expansion

FIFA is seeking to raise as much as $2 billion to expand its streaming service, FIFA+. Launched in April 2022 as a free, ad-supported platform, FIFA+ aims to offer live coverage of 40,000 matches per year, including a significant portion from women’s football. The fundraising process, managed by UBS Group AG, is set to begin in July and targets financial investors from the U.S. and the Middle East. The initiative marks FIFA’s latest effort to enhance its digital offerings and capitalise on growing demand for live sports streaming. Stay updated on FIFA+ developments: AdAge


EU Commits €650 Billion to Fast-Track Cities to Net Zero by 2030

A group of 112 cities across the European Union and associated countries aims to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, requiring an estimated €650 billion investment. This effort is part of the EU’s “100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities’ Mission” and surpasses the EU and Britain’s 2050 net-zero targets. The selected cities are crafting climate plans with support from the EU and the advisory firm Bankers without Boundaries (BwB). The plans, once approved, will guide investments in projects like retrofitting buildings and enhancing infrastructure for extreme weather. Full details: Euractiv


Todd Boehly Explores Unified College Football League

Todd Boehly, co-owner of Chelsea and the LA Dodgers, is pushing a revolutionary concept to reshape college football into a unified league. Speaking at the Bloomberg Invest conference, Boehly revealed plans for a league with 70 to 85 teams organised into 12 divisions, featuring promotion and relegation. Read more: SportsPro – Josh Sim


American Express Adds Tarot and Palm Reading to BST Hyde Park Festival

At this year’s BST Hyde Park festival, American Express is transforming the festival experience with a unique activation inspired by the popularity of manifestation among Gen Z and Millennials. Running from late June with headliners like Kylie Minogue and SZA, attendees can explore The Amex Experience, which offers tarot readings, palmistry, and various themed activities. Full Story – Charlotte Rawlings


Uber’s $1,000 Challenge

Uber is launching the “One Less Car” trial, offering 175 participants in the US and Canada $1,000 to forgo their cars for five weeks. This trial, running from July 22nd to August 25th in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and Toronto, aims to highlight the costs and impacts of car ownership while promoting alternative transportation. Participants will receive Uber credits, carshare vouchers, and public transit stipends. The initiative, inspired by a similar Australian experiment, seeks to explore how feasible it is for people to adopt a “car-light” lifestyle using various transportation modes. Read more: The Verge – Andrew J. Hawkins


How Team USA Crashed the Biggest Party in Cricket 

Rodger Sherman takes us to the T20 World Cup in Barbados, where Team USA’s unexpected triumphs are turning heads in the cricket world. Despite facing powerhouse teams in a vibrant, cricket-obsessed island setting, the American squad, made up of diverse players from cricket-playing nations, showcased resilience and talent, offering a glimpse into cricket’s potential in the U.S. Read more: GQ – Rodger Sherman


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