Euro 2024 Strives for Sustainability to Labor Day Hot Dog Battle.

This week, we’ve got a mix of exciting news, from the future of football management games to AI assistants on your Apple devices. Let’s dive in! 

Paramount’s Pirate Chronicles: The Docuseries That Tells All

How Music Got Free,” a new docuseries on Paramount, dives into the tale of music piracy and its seismic impact on the industry.


Siri Who? Apple and OpenAI’s ChatGPT Go Live on iDevices

In a groundbreaking partnership, Apple integrates OpenAI’s ChatGPT across its devices. What does this mean for users and the tech industry?


Premier League Players in Your Pocket: Football Manager Update

Football Manager announces the inclusion of the Premier League, offering an immersive experience for fans and gamers alike.


Liberty Global Bets Big on Formula E

Formula E, the exciting racing series featuring electric cars zipping through city centres around the globe, has recently secured a major investment.


Joey Chestnut vs. Takeru Kobayashi: Labor Day Hot Dog Battle
In a thrilling showdown, hot dog eating legends Joey Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi are set to face off on Labor Day.


Roblox Recruiters: Ikea’s Virtual Hiring Spree
Ikea is embracing the metaverse by hiring its next generation of workers through Roblox. How is this innovative strategy reshaping recruitment?


Euro 2024 Strives for Sustainability

UEFA is making significant efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainability at Euro 2024. This includes using existing stadiums, renewable energy sources, and strategically scheduling matches to minimise travel.


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