ChatGPT’s Scarlett Johansson Impersonation to Forbes’ 2024 Most Valuable Soccer Teams.

In this week’s Trippant Takeaways, we explore: ChatGPT’s Scarlett Johansson Impersonation; Meta’s Ray-Ban Glasses; Ticketmaster and Live Nation; Bud Light’s Knockout Deal with UFC; US Owners in European Football; Forbes’ 2024 Most Valuable Soccer Teams; IGN’s Media Takeover. Enjoy 🙂 


Silicon Mimic Madness

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been caught mimicking Scarlett Johansson’s voice. Unsurprisingly, the Black Widow’s team isn’t too thrilled about the whole digital doppelganger situation and is pushing for stricter rules on this AI mischief. Read more.


No Hands on Insta!

Meta is upping its wearable tech game with new Ray-Ban smart glasses that let users record and upload Instagram Stories hands-free. Who needs a phone when you can broadcast your daily life straight from your face? Convenient? Creepy? You decide! Discover more.


Ticketmaster and Live Nation: DOJ Steps In

The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating Ticketmaster and Live Nation for potential antitrust violations. The probe focuses on whether their business practices harm competition in the live event ticketing industry, a move that could lead to significant changes in how tickets are sold. Learn more.


Bud Light’s Knockout Deal with UFC

In a multi-million dollar marketing flex, Bud Light and UFC are back in the ring together. But this partnership isn’t just about slapping logos on screens; it’s about creating an experience that gets fans pumped, both in and out of the cage. Read more


US Owners in European Football: Hits and Misses

US owners in European football have experienced a rollercoaster season. Aston Villa gets top marks with an ‘A’ for their performance, while Manchester United’s struggles earn them an ‘F’. This season’s report card highlights varying approaches and outcomes when American owners take charge of European football clubs. Explore the details.


Forbes’ 2024 Most Valuable Soccer Teams

Forbes has released its latest valuations of the world’s top soccer teams, with Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Barcelona maintaining their positions as the most valuable franchises thanks to their global brand power. See the full list.


IGN’s Media Takeover

The gaming media world just got a bit cosier as IGN Entertainment went on a spending spree, scooping up the entire Gamer Network from ReedPop. We’re talking big names like Eurogamer,, VG247, and Rock Paper Shotgun – all now part of the IGN family. Read the full story.


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