The Challenge

WePlay, a growth marketing agency, was facing a significant challenge in building their brand presence on LinkedIn and positioning themselves as a thought leader. Without a clear content strategy, WePlay risked missing out on opportunities to engage with their audience and establish themselves as a trusted resource for growth marketing insights.

The Solution

To address WePlay’s challenges, we worked closely with the team to develop and implement a content strategy focused on building their brand on LinkedIn and positioning them as a thought leader in the industry. This included creating a content calendar that aligned with WePlay’s business goals and target audience, and planning for editorial to be published on the company blog, and shared on LinkedIn. In just 90 days, we produced a mix of thought leadership pieces, industry insights, and company updates to keep WePlay top-of-mind with their followers and position them as a leader in their field.

The Result

Over the course of the project, several achievements were made in terms of content creation and social media engagement. A total of 14 articles were distributed on both LinkedIn and WePlay’s blog, showcasing expertise in the industry. Additionally, a whitepaper was drafted, providing valuable insights to readers. Consistent daily posts on LinkedIn were made, totaling to 70 posts over 14 weeks. As a result, the company experienced a 46.1% increase in followers, indicating growth in its online community. The custom button clicks also saw a 15.5% increase, indicating more users were engaging with the content. Engagement metrics also saw a significant increase, with a 271% increase in reactions and a 127.7% increase in reposts. These metrics demonstrate the effectiveness of the content in resonating with the target audience and generating interest. Overall, these achievements demonstrate the effectiveness of the content strategy and its impact on the company’s online presence.

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