KORE Software.

The Challenge

KORE Software had grown rapidly as one of the US’s leading sports data companies. It’s acquisition of Sponserve saw that audience base expand to cover clients across Europe and Australasia. The challenge with growth, came the need to support a range of complex client requirements across multiple sports and related markets. KORE was starting to reposition itself as not just a data provider, but a trusted advisor, with more credibility to provide holistic solutions across the whole sports business ecosystem.

The Solution

To build that sense of “trust”, “reliability” and “expertise”, it was imperative that we helped KORE talk about the industry more widely and position it at the centre of sports business intelligence. It was clear the team already had the content and ideas; Trippant helped to bring that to the fore. Our aim was to begin to showcase KORE as the “Bloomberg of Sports”.

A campaign to profile the business as global market leaders was achieved across numerous tier one media outlets, as well as through the company’s owned channels. We established a series of impactful and engaging LinkedIn posts, which instead of focussing on services, placed KORE at the centre of wider sports business discussion. In leading those key industry talking points through posts and a series of authored and designed whitepapers, we brought in rights owners and teams into the discussion.

The Result

We built a stronger sense of community and leadership among KORE’s professional peers and established a two-way discourse between it and its target clients. Through the whitepaper series, not only did we generate hundreds of international new business leads for KORE, we strengthened its claim as global leaders in sports business management solutions. It is now a business which benefits from invitations to some of the world’s leading summit stages.

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