The Challenge

Snackr, an Australian start-up with a mobile ordering app for stadiums and live events, faced the challenge of expanding into the UK market. However, the market was very traditional and resistant to change. Snackr also had a complex user base that included both B2B and B2B2C. As a result, they needed a marketing strategy to help establish their product in the UK and grow their customer base.

The Solution

Trippant provided Snackr with the support they needed to address their challenge. They offered marketing strategy advisory and social media support to help Snackr engage their target audience effectively. Trippant also created a toolkit to help Snackr engage clubs and provide them with an activation toolkit to engage their fan base. Finally, Trippant helped Snackr reposition their brand and marketing strategy to differentiate them from their competitors and stand out in the crowded market.

The Result

Trippant successfully raised awareness and drove adoption of Snackr among key decision-makers and fans. They achieved this by securing innovation and point-of-difference messaging to venues and vendors, clearly explaining the brand and product service and benefits, and creating effective B2B PR, social media, email marketing, and trade advertising campaigns. Trippant also developed toolkits and advertising assets that helped to drive consideration to install and use Snackr. Through these efforts, Trippant successfully positioned Snackr as a top-of-mind solution for those seeking a high-quality, innovative snack experience, ultimately driving adoption and growth for the brand.

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