Saltwater Games.

The Challenge

To build an engaged community of fans ahead of the launch of Saltwater Games’ launch of a new futuristic AAA mixed-reality racing platform. To simplify the complex offering and educate consumers about SWG’s ambition to pioneer a new impactful multi-platform gaming proposition, merging the worlds of mixed-reality racing, with cause-related play to earn gamification and the blockchain web-3 crypto world.

The Solution

Develop a robust engagement program for the Discord community, collaborating with micro and macro influencers from diverse backgrounds to broaden the appeal beyond the gaming and crypto communities. Create compelling content and stories about the brand and its partners to engage non-gaming consumers. Simplify the game’s premise to highlight its progression and create PR-worthy events to promote significant achievements.

The Result

Trippant, created a comprehensive media delivery plan for Saltwater Games. The plan was designed to be rolled out across multiple markets and provided strategic direction to the Saltwater Games team and all involved agencies. We introduced the project to the global media and provided direction to all internal teams involved in the marketing activation. By doing so, we ensured that everyone was on the same page and that the campaign was executed in a cohesive and effective manner. The development of this well thought-out media delivery plan helped Saltwater Games maximise the impact of their marketing efforts and achieve their desired results.

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