The Challenge

Pickstar, a new brand in the market, was going through a period of scaling and was looking to cement its position in the UK and the US, while also maintaining and growing its brand in Australia. The product Pickstar offered was unique and didn’t exist in the market, which was essentially to revolutionise the talent activation ecosystem. The problem Pickstar faced was that it needed to create a two-sided talent marketplace, linking brands, fans, and companies with talent and talent managers. The challenge was to effectively grow and establish itself as a key player in the talent activation marketplace.

The Solution

Trippant, a global communications agency, was selected to provide strategic marketing and communications advisory to Pickstar. In addition, Trippant supported the marketing and sales efforts of Pickstar. The agency offered ongoing thought leadership, editorial, social media management, and PR services. Trippant’s team provided strategic advisory and counsel, led both Trippant’s delivery and Pickstar’s internal team. The comprehensive approach rested on Trippant’s four pillars of expertise: marketing and common strategy; ongoing advisory council; thought leadership; and PR and media relations. The agency worked with teams in Australia, the UK, and the US to deliver a truly global solution to Pickstar’s challenges.

The Result

Trippant helped Pickstar become a prominent player in talent activation by developing their social channels, generating traffic, and establishing their brand. Our thought leadership and PR efforts elevated Pickstar’s reputation, securing numerous media exposures and coverage. We provided advisory services that created a marketing strategy and overview, increasing the number of deals closed by a significant percentage. It was an enjoyable and successful collaboration, culminating in Pickstar winning a major industry award. Trippant also managed a potential PR crisis and secured 32 press articles, in addition to speaking at two industry events. Our contribution to Pickstar’s success was significant, and we take pride in our partnership.

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