The Challenge

Nielsen IQ faced challenges in reinforcing their brand and expertise in the Pacific markets. Despite having a strong reputation and a range of innovative products and services, Nielsen IQ struggled to effectively communicate their value proposition to potential clients in the region. As a result, they were missing out on valuable business opportunities.

The Solution

To address this problem, Nielsen IQ partnered with Trippant to reintroduce their brand and leadership profiles in the Pacific markets. Trippant provided strategic guidance and support to help Nielsen IQ improve their brand recognition and position themselves as leaders in the consumer intelligence space. Together, the two companies developed a comprehensive marketing and communications plan to showcase Nielsen IQ’s capabilities and expertise to potential clients in the region.

The Result

The partnership between Trippant and Nielsen IQ has already yielded positive results. Through proactive press releases across Australia and New Zealand, Trippant has helped Nielsen IQ secure around 20 quality press articles, highlighting their expertise and innovative products. This increased media coverage has helped to raise Nielsen IQ ‘s profile and position them as a thought leader in the consumer intelligence space. With Trippant’s ongoing support, Nielsen IQ is confident that they can continue to reinforce their capabilities and position in the market to deliver the most complete and clear consumer intelligence around the world, with their Full View™ product.

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