The Challenge

Sponserve was known in Australia as one of the best sports tech start-ups, providing inventory management to the sports sponsorship industry. Whilst they had established country managers in the US and UK, and had attracted clients along the way, sustaining that growth in new, vast and mature sponsorship markets became tough. They needed to demonstrate their capabilities at scale and appeal to both rights owners and brands in Europe and the US if they were to become the global leaders they’d set out to become.

The Solution

Trippant joined the Sponserve team to provide overarching marketing and communications strategy, giving focus and purpose to their sales teams outreach. Key to this approach was in positioning the brand as the not just the experts in inventory management, but sponsorship itself. Over the course of the next 12months, a global integrated media campaign set to achieve two things:

1. Identify a stakeholder in the business to become the “voice” of sponsorship and asset fulfillment worldwide

2. To establish Sponserve’s place as one of the top global brands in sponsorship management with particular focus on appealing and engaging in some of the biggest rights owners and brands in global sport

The Result

Trippant secured huge media successes with Sponserve and CEO and Founder, Mark Thompson being touted as one of the world’s leading voices in sports sponsorship. Appearances on Sky Business News in the UK and with extensive interviews appearing in some of the most respected news media in the world, including, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, New York Times, Forbes, and the Financial Times meant brand awareness soared.

In 12 months, we’d reached over 600 million people through the media opportunities created, established a cadence of owned content online and Sponserve were being contacted directly by clients, including rights owners such as the European Tour.

Our support helped Sponserve secure a successful exit, with KORE Software acquiring the brand the next year.

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