The Challenge

Rosterfy were introduced to us as they began to embark on conquering the world. The Australian tech start-up had started to secure business in the US and Europe, but needed an approach to market themselves in a way that would grow revenue streams and provide a consistent brand image and message as they grew internationally.

The Solution

As a company known for their workforce management tech, Rosterfy were pigeon holed in a sector where business was coming from large-scale and major international sporting events. There was a gap already identified by the team which looked at the opportunity to reach out to a myriad of sectors. As such, we devised a strategy to:

• Create a series of content streams designed to position Rosterfy as industry experts

• Engage industry leaders across entertainment, education, third-sector and the public sector for interview

• Produce clearly defined and industry specific content to align to the unique challenges faced

• Reshape the way the way the business was appearing in Google search

The Result

We created a clear brand message and completely overhauled how Rosterfy were seen online, driving up relevant traffic and generating new business leads. In total, the campaign:

• Campaign generated 555k impressions, a 275% increase in monthly impressions

• Over 14k visits to Rosterfy website

• SEO and UX improvements increased average monthly impressions by 1,200%

• Doubled Rosterfy’s LinkedIn following

• Generated 70+ qualified new business leads through whitepaper distribution

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