The Challenge

The challenge was to effectively market and promote the GeeGee app and its unique MicroSports™ feature to the target audience, while also identifying early adopters and influencers to drive downloads and usage. The brand tone of voice and messaging had to be developed to position GeeGee as a cool new MicroSports™ and gaming app.

The Solution

A comprehensive comms and marketing plan was developed that focused on educating the target audience about MicroSports™ and promoting the key benefits of GeeGee. A clear brand tone of voice was created to position GeeGee as a cool new app, while early adopters and influencers were identified ahead of the official launch. A channel planning strategy was advised to effectively reach the target audience and give MicroSports™ a platform to thrive.

The Result

Our targeted marketing strategy successfully generated 7 press releases, which reached a total of 42.9k potential users. We also secured 15 brand mentions, resulting in a total outlet reach of 196k. Additionally, we connected with several key media outlets to establish relationships and open opportunities for future features. These results demonstrate our ability to effectively position GeeGee as a cool new app with a unique MicroSports™ feature, while also building valuable media connections for ongoing success.

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