Beckham Boosts Classic Football Shirts to Paris 2024: Olympic Sponsorship Boom.

In this week’s Trippant Takeaways, we explore: SailGP’s Virtual Billboards are Making Waves; GSIQ Game-Changing Sports Data Agency; Arsenal Women to Make the Emirates Their Main Home Venue; Paris 2024: Olympic Sponsorship Boom and more. Have a great weekend!


SailGP’s Virtual Billboards are Making Waves

SailGP is taking its racing game to a whole new level with virtual billboards. Imagine watching those sleek catamarans slicing through the waves, while real-time data and ads magically appear on your screen. This cutting-edge tech, LiveLineFX, could soon be making waves in other sports like cycling and horse racing. Want the full scoop? Check it out here.

GSIQ Game-Changing Sports Data Agency

Get ready, data nerds and sports fans! Former YouGov Sport executives Charlie Dundas and Josh Marcus have just launched a new agency providing deep data analysis and intelligence for the sports industry. This isn’t just about stats—it’s about giving brands, teams, and broadcasters the insights they need to connect better with fans. Smarter decisions, happier fans! Learn more about it  here.

Coachella Meets NFL on YouTube TV

Get ready for the ultimate entertainment mash-up! YouTube TV is gearing up to stream both Coachella and NFL games in one viewer package. This blend of music and sports is set to redefine how we enjoy our favourite events. Curious? Get the details here.

Midsummer Studios Takes on The Sims

Midsummer Studios is challenging the legendary life-simulation game, The Sims, with their new project. Expect deeper simulations and more intricate gameplay that could shake up your virtual life-building experience. If you’re a fan of The Sims, you might want to keep an eye on this one. Learn more about it here.

Arsenal Women to Make the Emirates Their Main Home Venue

Arsenal Women are making a significant leap next season by increasing their Women’s Super League (WSL) matches at the Emirates Stadium from three to five games. This move comes after record-breaking attendance and overwhelming fan support at the iconic venue.

It’s a powerfully symbolic move that underscores just how rapidly the popularity of women’s football is soaring. Read more here

Snapchat’s AR Ad Revolution

Snapchat is taking advertising to the next level with AI-powered augmented reality tools. Advertisers can now create super engaging, interactive ads that feel like magic. This is set to transform how we experience ads on the platform. If you’re curious about how this will change your Snapchat experience, read more here.

Beckham Boosts Classic Football Shirts

Thanks to the Beckham documentary, Classic Football Shirts is scoring big. Fans are rushing to buy the iconic jerseys featured in the series. It just goes to show the powerful impact sports storytelling can have when done right. Feeling nostalgic? Check out the buzz here.

Paris 2024: Olympic Sponsorship Boom

The Paris 2024 Olympics are set to make a splash not just in sports but in the economy too. The Games are expected to generate a whopping €1.2 billion in sponsorship revenue, underscoring the massive commercial interest in the event. Read more here

TikTok’s New Hour-Long Videos

TikTok is making a bold power play by allowing creators to upload videos up to a full hour in length. This move aims to keep creators on the platform longer and offer them more flexibility, possibly luring content creators away from YouTube with the promise of a broader canvas for their creativity. Check it out here


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