F1 takes over Las Vegas to TikTok faces a ban in Nepal.

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This week: F1 is in Las Vegas, TikTok is banned in Nepal, Unofficial Partner is on The Story Board, political media is in transfer window mode, and Trippant is hiring!

Autosport on F1’s plans for the Las Vegas Sphere

Formula 1 returns to Las Vegas this weekend for the first time in 41 years, with a Grand Prix that promises to be unlike anything the series has ever seen before. 

As the world’s most celebrated race cars hare down the Strip, the event around them is aiming to reset expectations in terms of star power, corporate hospitality and sheer indulgence. Meanwhile, the championship also intends to leave its mark on Sin City’s newest, most distinctive major venue. 

With veteran rockers U2 pausing their residency for the weekend, F1 will take over the  366-foot tall, 516-foot wide MSG Sphere, whose giant ‘Exosphere’ LED skin will be used to display driver introductions, live pole positions, images of fans and other attractions. 

Race organisers have had to tweak the display to ensure distracting colours are not visible to drivers but for global audiences, this will be the first chance to see how the facility can be integrated into a live event.

ESPN on a shape-shifting promotion for the UFC
The first live sports event inside the MSG Sphere, meanwhile, may now also be on the horizon.

UFC president Dana White, who has previously admitted to being “obsessed” with the $2.6 billion venue, has confirmed plans to bring the octagon to the sphere next September. 

The New York Times on Nepal’s TikTok ban

TikTok’s role in media and culture has been exercising the minds of regulators in several countries over the past couple of years, with particular concerns over data security and the potential influence of the Chinese government over information flows. 

That debate has now been thrown into focus again: the platform has been banned in Nepal, with authorities blaming its negative impact on ‘social harmony’. 

The BBC on helping more players Just Dance 

Just Dance is one of the world’s most popular video game series. Over 130 million players have put their motion-controlled moves to the test since its 2009 launch. 

Ahead of the release of the 2024 edition, French developer Ubisoft has been working on initiatives to get more people dancing, including the first in-game choreography led by a dancer in a wheelchair. It is a project that underlines the work and the possibilities ahead in making games truly accessible.

Unofficial Partner Productions x The Story Board

The Story Board: The Sports Storytellers Podcast wraps its first series with an episode about, well, podcasts.

The Unofficial Partner Productions team of Matt Cutler and Richard Gillis are on hand to discuss their documentary The Pirates vs The Premier League, which goes deep into the illegal streaming market for English football. They talk about the risks and ramifications of piracy, explain some of the editorial decisions demanded by the format, and share some thoughts on the framing of sports business stories from inside and outside the industry. 

Take a listen and if you like it, be sure to review, subscribe and share. The Story Board will be back next week with a new run of interviews on communication and other professional challenges. 

The Ringer on the AI sampling loop

The art of sampling is woven deep into music-making culture. Sometimes snippets and riffs are used with the full blessing of the original artist and publisher; other times, very much less so. 

Artificial intelligence, inevitably, is already affecting how samples are sourced and how their use is policed – with clear consequences for an often experimental, underground practice.  

The Athletic on HM Government’s transfer window

It has been an extraordinary week in British politics, marked by protests, internal divisions in both major parties, the sacking of a senior minister and the shock return of a former prime minister. 

The appointment of David Cameron (now Lord Cameron) as the UK’s Foreign Secretary was one of the most consequential stories of the political year – yet it was announced on official social accounts in the style of a football transfer. 

It’s all in keeping with a tradition of politicians using and abusing sporting metaphor but what else does it say about how different media cultures borrow from one another?

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